Wade Wofford

A 20-year veteran of the filmmaking industry, Wade Wofford is an award-winning filmmaker: screenwriter, director, producer, editor and cinematographer.

Wofford on the set of  The Answer , which he wrote, produced and directed in association with HWS.

Wofford on the set of The Answer, which he wrote, produced and directed in association with HWS.

Wofford, an Atlanta native, has studied film relentlessly over the span of 20 years: writing at the University of Georgia, acting at the Sanford Meisner School in Hollywood, filmmaking at Los Angeles Film School, set/light design on the stages of New York City, and cinematography in his own explorations of the medium.

In 2004, he founded Dedalus Films out of Brooklyn--and produced his first short - Assailables (a no-budget collaboration with Paul Taylor dancers in NYC) - and his first feature - Perception (which won Best Dramatic Feature at the Hollywood DIY Film Fest, whose programmers raved that it was “a really great, beautifully shot and compelling film that stays with you for days afterwards”).

In 2006, Wade founded Noho Screenwriters Workshop, where he met (future HWS partners) Jake Hulse and Mike Haas.  In 2012, he founded Answer Films and began his second feature, The Answer, which was finished in 2015. The Answer recently won The Royal Reel Award in Filmmaking at the Canada International Film Festival and is continuing to submit to festivals worldwide.  In 2014, he was Director of Photography for Jake Hulse's Heroes Don't Come Home.  In 2016, his screenplay The Southerland School won Best SciFi Feature at Nashville Film Festival.